Checklist for ePub Texts

In order to be accessible, ePubs at the University of Michigan must meet:

  1. the requirements below (EPUB Accessibility 1.0)
  2. the WCAG 2.1 AA requirements described at Checklist for Websites & Web Applications
Requirement Description

2.1 Discoverable EPUB Publications

ePub must include discovery metadata as defined in Discovery.

4.4.1 Page Navigation

ePub must provide navigation to static page break locations. How to meet this requirement.

4.4.2 Media Overlays Playback

ePub must structure Media Overlays to provide more accessible playback experiences. How to meet this requirement.

4.5 Conformance Reporting

ePub must include a conformsTo property and an a11y:certifiedBy property. (AA level) How to meet this requirement.