IT Accessibility at the University of Michigan

U-M SPG 601.20: IT Accessibility

The Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility SPG is a new university policy aimed at helping to ensure that digital technology and content is able to be used by people with disabilities as well as it is by the rest of the community.

What does this mean for me?

This will be a journey and we’ll have time to find our way. This year, we’ll all be working to understand, shape and develop the program.

What is accessibility?

Digital technology and content have greatly enhanced people's abilities, but some in our community can't access a lot of what's out there for a variety of reasons that keep people from using technology.

Why do all this?

1 in 4 adults in the U.S. have some type of disability.
41% more U-M students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities over a recent 5 year period.
Only 3% of the top million websites were accessible in 2021.

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