Our Services

The Digital Accessibility Team has some ability to assist you in your accessibility efforts:

Accessibility Review

We can recommend the use of automated and semi-automated evaluation tools for you to use. As time permits, we can also perform direct audits of websites, applications, and documents.

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We currently offer ad hoc trainings to university units based on their needs. Units, departments, and individuals are encouraged to reach out to explore what training offers we may be able to provide. We strive to provide guidance on how to create accessible IT across a variety of media. We are interested in partnering with you to explore your needs.

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Our team offers consulting on accessibility issues. Examples include:

  • Helping accommodate individual users with accessibility barriers
  • Supporting individuals, teams, and units in producing accessible informational technology
  • Advising on the purchase of accessible informational technology
  • Delivering presentations on digital accessibility topics
  • Assisting leadership in planning for a unit accessibility program

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