Your Role

There are many ways to increase accessibility for people with disabilities. This section is organized by different activities someone may be looking to make more accessible.

  • Content Creators & Presenters
    Those who create documents, develop content for the web, or create and deliver presentations

  • Instructors & Admin Support
    Teachers of courses looking to enhance your courses’ accessibility, or supporting instructors interested in this work

  • IT Buyers
    Staff purchasing or deploying a new technology solution and looking for ways to account for accessibility before acquiring a new technology

  • Managers & Admin Support
    People or program managers wanting to determine how to meet U-M accessibility requirements

  • People with Disabilities
    A person with a disability looking to find information on assistive technology or workarounds for accessibility issues

  • Technical Staff
    A web/software developer or accessibility specialist looking to increase the accessibility of a product, application, or website you maintain