Accessibility of University Software

When the university buys software it requires that it be accessible. In some instances this has not been entirely possible for a variety of factors. If you are experiencing an accessibility problem with some university provided software, check the list below (or search for the product above) to see if there is a document about the product that will list known accessibility issues and offer workarounds. For support, use our accessibility contact form.

MiVideo Accessibility

MiVideo is a platform that is used by the university to deliver prerecorded content for classes instructional videos, and other events. The following sections will provide guidance on how to use the platform with Windows and Mac screen readers. For the best screen reader experience, the accessibility team recommends that Chrome be used.

Wolverine Access Accessibility

Wolverine Access is the primary gateway for the U-M community to access administrative systems and complete university business tasks. Wolverine Access is powered by a product called OneCampus, supported by rSmart. OneCampus is widely used by large universities, and rSmart has a dedicated commitment to accessibility.