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W3C offers tips and tricks for getting started with accessibility. W3C is a great tool to follow because it shows you how to design, develop, and write. Incorporating these simple steps into your website will greatly improve usability and interface.


Why is Accessibility Important?
Accessibility is a part of our everyday lives, but we might not notice it. Whether it be on the streets as a crosswalk or on a website as a screen reader, it is just as important as anything else. Using accessibility ensures that people with disabilities have a fair and equal opportunity compared to non-accessibility websites.

I want to know more about accessibility. Where do I begin?
The University of Michigan Accessibility team offers a monthly meeting to further inform the public, or university faculty about what it is. Email for more information about how to become involved.

How important is accessibility?
It’s the right thing to do. The moral and right thing to do is make every website accessible, even though that is not always the case. If a website does not include accessible options, it excludes an entire population of people.

It’s the Law
3play Media website explains everything about what the laws are involving accessibility. Michigan in particular does not have any laws pertaining to accessibility besides the ADA, Sections 504, 508 and WCAG 2.0, which should be followed. 

When should I implement accessibility into my website?
You should think about accessibility right from the beginning of your website all the way until the end. If possible, add someone to your team who knows what accessibility is and how to implement it.

How can I help others learn about what accessibility is?
If you have attended some of the meetings that the University of Michigan accessibility team offers, we fully explain what accessibility is and how to begin. You don’t have to be a wizard, but here is a helpful website to explain in further detail.

Where can I use assistive technology or point others to this?
The University of Michigan offers a place where anybody can go and visit to use adaptive software and hardware. The Knox Center at the University of Michigan offers screen reader software, reading and writing software, a braille keyboard, and much more. You can get hands on experience as well as learn about the common types of disabilities that students or faculty face.