James Edward Knox Adaptive Technology Computing Site (Knox Center)

The Knox Center is a quiet and accessible computing site for currently enrolled students connected with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), and is a source of computer accommodation and digital assistive technology information for the entire campus.

Knox Center staff work remotely. For onsite assistance with technology or printer issues, call 734-764-4357. To report disruptive behavior, call 734-764-7058. For non-urgent inquiries, please use our TDX form.

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Location and Hours

The Knox Center is located in Room 2064, on the second floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library on Central Campus. It is open during Shapiro Library hours.

Students connected with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) will automatically be given access to the Knox Center. If you are not connected with SSD and would like to discuss having Knox Center access, please submit an Assistive Tech TDx form.

Authorized Knox Center users must use their Mcard for entry. Simply hold your card with the stripe facing the card reader until the light changes or you hear the door click. Then wave in front of the sensor to the left of the reader to open the automatic door. If you are connected to SSD and your card does not work, please contact your SSD coordinator for assistance.

To enter the Shapiro Library from midnight to 8 a.m. (during 24-hour schedule), use your Mcard at the main entrance, which includes automatic doors on the right side of entrance. Read more about navigating the Shapiro Library.


  1. Take either the stairs or the elevator to the second floor of the Shapiro Library.
    1. Stairs: Proceed through the doors. Follow the wall around to the right. Pass the elevators, and follow the wall around to another right turn. You will now be in a long hallway.
    2. Elevator: Turn right upon exiting. Follow the right wall around to a right turn. You will now be in a long hallway.
  2. When the hall switches from tile to carpet, it becomes more open. You may wish to use the left wall for reference.
  3. There will be a long stretch of brick wall. Look for the card reader for the Knox Center, which is mounted on this wall just before the small alcove that contains the Knox Center door.

Shapiro Library Level 2 Floor Plan.

Transportation & Parking

The Commuter South (Campus bus) and #62 (AAATA city bus) both drop off at stop C202 in back of the Shapiro Library, on the north side of South University Avenue near Tappan Street. Follow the sidewalk along the side of the library towards the Diag. As you get near the front of the library, there will be an automatic door on your right.

Information on accessible parking is on the Shapiro Library Transit and Parking website.

Knox Center Resources

Every Knox Center work station has:

  • A Windows or Macintosh desktop computer
  • A high-resolution monitor that measures 21” or larger
  • An adjustable-height work surface that accommodates wheelchairs and various working positions
  • A fully adjustable office chair
  • A gooseneck lamp
  • The same assistive technology applications and software available on public computers throughout campus

Additionally, the Knox Center has:

  • One long, fixed reclined chair
  • One video magnifier

The Knox Center has an additional private room (Room 2064A) with one Mac and two Windows computers. Priority for use of this room will be given as follows:

  • Knox Center staff who are providing in-person evaluations or have another need for the space
  • Individuals using Dragon speech recognition on the Windows machine nearest the door or Voice Control speech recognition on the Mac
  • Others on a first-come-first-served basis

The Knox Center is designated as quiet space. We appreciate everyone's help in maintaining this.

Information and Technology Services (ITS) supports the Knox Center as part of Campus Computing Sites.

Knox Center Lockers

Thirty personal lockers are provided at the Knox Center. To request and use a locker, please follow these policies:

  • Submit a locker assignment request using our TDX form.
  • Locker assignments last for the academic year
  • Provide your own standard lock.
  • Library books kept in or near lockers must be checked out or they will be returned to the library.
  • Keep your locker clean.

In April, we will email you and physically post a message on the lockers to inform you of the deadline date to empty or renew your locker. If you renew, you may keep your personal belongings locked in the locker over the spring/summer break.

If you do not empty or claim your locker by the deadline date:

  • Locks will be removed.
  • Contents will be removed. Library books will be returned; personal items will be discarded or recycled.

Who Is James Knox?

Learn about Jim and his contributions to the U-M accessibility environment.