Google Forms Accessibility

Google Forms produces surveys, questionnaires, etc. that are by and large accessible to people with disabilities and users of assistive technologies. They can be rather complex, however. We recommend the authoring practices below to ensure that all of your users can use your Google Form.

Survey components

  1. Header: Use a plain image that is not too distracting or that contains textual information needed for understanding the form.
  2. Theme color and Background color: Ensure that the resulting contrast of elements (text, fields, buttons, links, etc.) is good against the chosen background. A good test is to examine the Submit and Next buttons and Cancel and Clear links when you preview the survey.
  3. Font style: Do not use the "Decorative" choice.

Survey structure

  • Provide a good descriptive title.
  • Include any needed instructions at the beginning of the survey.
  • On long surveys, use sections to group questions into thematic blocks. If you are not using sections, add subtitles to structure the question list.

General considerations

  • If the survey is long or multi-sectioned, provide information on the number of questions and/or time estimated for completion.
  • Consider as well providing a progress bar (available in the Settings section).
  • Use appropriate language for your intended audience. Solicit feedback if unsure.
  • If using images, provide alternative text (called “hover text” in the image settings).
  • If using video, ensure that the video is captioned and that the captions are correct.
  • Use title case for headings and sentence case for everything else.