Testing Efficiency

If you are familiar with the application you are reviewing, there are a number of shortcuts you can take while doing regression testing, bug fix verifications, new feature spot checks, etc.

  • Test common parts just once
    If a part is coming from a template and is immutable, there is no reason to review it in every page it appears. This may apply to navigation, header/banner matter, footers, etc.
  • Incorporate accessibility testing into other testing
    If you are doing other testing, such as occurs during app development, there is no need to do two separate runs by and large. You can do both simultaneously.
  • Track problematic framework idiosyncrasies
    If your application uses a framework and this is not the first test you are conducting, you may be aware of accessibility shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of the framework’s behaviors. Keep updated documentation on these to allow you to zero in on obvious patterns, flag them, and triage them with your framework vendor.
  • Use automated testing first when appropriate
    Then do the manual test. Compare results. With time you will learn how they complement each other and allow your testing to pick up speed.
  • Test frequently
    In time, you will find yourself not even consulting these instructions.