Set Up Autofill in Chrome Browser

To create a Chrome autofill profile:

  1. Allow Chrome to store and use this information:

    • Mac: Chrome menu > Preferences > Autofill > Addresses and more > Save and fill addresses (on)
    • Windows: Chrome > Settings > Addresses and more > Save and fill addresses (on)
  2. Fill out any fields you choose in the form below.

  3. Reload the page, and start typing on the first input. Chrome should offer autofill suggestions.

Now you have the data you need to test this elsewhere. (You can always delete autofill info from Chrome at any time.)

Most Commonly Used Fields

Lesser Used Fields

Address values below - use only if not using "street-address" above. See documentation on the HTML autocomplete attribute.

Now reload this page and complete step 3 above.

Note: There is no submit button to this form and the data is not saved anywhere other than in Chrome's Autofill profile. Once you leave this page, the data will be safely lost.

Finished entering data and testing that it worked? 

Return to the test: Text inputs are automatically filled when they ask for personal information.