Benefits & Roles of the Digital Accessibility Liaisons Network

To join the DAL Network, contact the Accessibility Team.

By joining, your unit will create a more equitable digital environment for everyone at U-M.


By participating in the Digital Accessibility Liaison Network, your U-M unit will be supported to make significant, measurable progress in the following areas:

  • Complying with digital accessibility policy and legal obligations
  • Enabling equitable access for faculty, students, and staff with disabilities
  • Inventorying and assessment of EIT to take prioritized action and make the greatest impact over time

Roles and Expectations

Every U-M Unit participating in the DAL Network has individuals assigned to two roles:

  • Liaison, who actively engages in the work
  • Sponsor, who nominates the Liaison and receives periodic updates


The Digital Accessibility Liaison contributes 3-5 hours per month to advancing and coordinating digital accessibility work in their unit, with the support and resources of the network and its facilitators.


  • Ability to influence, lead, and communicate within the unit
  • Interest in digital accessibility and willingness to learn


  • Serve as contact point for the unit
  • Attend monthly DAL Network working meetings
  • Disseminate communications to the unit and communicate emerging issues to the DAL Network
  • Coordinate digital accessibility processes (inventory, prioritize, and assess IT; manage vendors; monitor change over time)


  • Get access to subject matter experts in digital accessibility
  • Receive guided support in carrying out digital accessibility processes (inventory, prioritization, and assessment of IT; management of vendors; monitoring of change over time)
  • Connect to communication channels for emerging issues or questions
  • Benefit from a shared repository of resources in the form of tools, processes, and information workflows
  • Receive training for responsibilities and professional development in digital accessibility


The Digital Accessibility Sponsor appoints the Liaison, receives periodic updates, and may be contacted to clear barriers in the unit.


  • Executive or leadership role in the unit
  • Commitment to Accessibility or DEI work


  • Appoint the Liaison and annually assess their work by answering a short survey
  • Receive periodic updates


  • Become a leader in digital accessibility compliance
  • Gain access to the latest information on digital accessibility progress and requirements
  • Get recognition for enabling change towards greater equity and inclusion