Complaint Process Guidelines

Complaint Process

What is the goal: The goal of this process is to provide a mechanism for reporting non-compliance or other IT accessibility concerns. In addition, the process serves as an avenue for U-M to work toward removing IT accessibility barriers in a deliberate, prompt, and effective manner.

What will covers: For all units in all campuses: websites, web applications, software, and documents.

How it operates: The Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office (“ECRT”) addresses complaints about IT barriers and work to review and resolve them in cooperation with the IT owner, the complainant, and technical assistance from Information Technology Services (“ITS”).





Complaint is submitted. All complaints should be routed to ECRT.

ECRT will clarify the  complaint if needed, protect the identity of the Complainant to the extent possible, and according to ECRT practices, supply any accommodations needed to help the Complainant communicate with ECRT about the complaint.

ECRT will verify the nature, content, and context of the IT and barrier(s) being assessed.

ECRT will contact the relevant U-M unit for further information on the IT in question. ECRT may, under some circumstances, review the entire system the complaint was received against.

ECRT will work with the IT Owner to create a Remediation Plan (“RP”).

The RP may include:

  • Addressing issues specific to the complaint
  • Addressing systemic issues surfaced by the complaint via training, process improvement, procurement, etc.

ECRT will verify the implementation of the RP and ask the Complainant if issues identified in the complaint were addressed adequately.



Complainants who raise concerns of inaccessibility or non-compliance of the IT SPG are protected from retaliation. U-M will take appropriate steps to assure that a person who in good faith reports, complains about, or participates in a process to address such concerns will not be subjected to retaliation. People who believe they are experiencing retaliation are strongly encouraged to contact ECRT.

Exception Requests

In rare instances, IT Owners may request an exception (as described in the IT SPG) in response to a complaint. In this case, ECRT will refer the IT Owner to the Exceptions Process. IT Owners will still need to provide accommodations, and the university will still be responsible for meeting applicable law and local policy.

Escalation and Further Investigation of Complaints

ECRT will investigate repeated patterns of complaints (e.g., that an IT remains inaccessible, or that a unit produces substantially inaccessible technology) and escalate to unit leadership of the IT and alert University Audits as appropriate.